Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blog Post #12

Over the course of the year I have had many eye opening experiences and have had a lot of fun working with my project.  This project gave me a chance to really take the time and think about a passion that I did not know I had and it gave me the opportunity to work on it in school, well at least that was the approach.  This project was very stressful for me, and since I'm what Mr. Provenzano calls a "type A student," it was really difficult for me to really think about and come up with something I felt very passionate about.  As my first goal was not very realistic, I had to drop it and come up with a similar idea that wasn't very expensive.  I still felt very strongly and passionately about working with children, so I decided to aim lower, and I then I was finally able to find another idea which was to visit an orphanage.

 For all of first semester, every Friday was dedicated to us, but as the year came to a close and we were to write our talks, we weren't given the same time in class as we were in the beginning of the year.   This last semester was more stressful as most of our class periods were spent watching other peoples talks and having guest speakers come in.  This was the period in which most of my work was to be done, and I did not have much time outside of school to do research, and I barely had time to go to the orphanage and visit the children.  I wanted and tried to go, but it was very hard to make time for it.  Looking back on the year, I wish I had started off with this idea and not have changed it half-way through the year.  If I had, I believe that I would have been able to accomplish more with it and succeed.  As the year progressed and I wasn't making much progress, I began to feel like a failure and began to give up all hope on my project.  There was so much for me to juggle with school, sports, family, and friends and I was so stressed out and felt so much pressure to try and make my project a success.  The project wasn't exciting to me anymore and I began to feel hopeless and slowly gave up on my project.

As we write our talks, I've been brainstorming on topics I can revolve my speech around.  Through my research, I have learned that we have been gifted with so much that many other children don't have and are given opportunities other children could only dream of having.  I have concluded that I will revolve my speech around the privileges we are offered in such an amazing and beautiful city of Grosse Pointe.  Many children have been trapped in the "bubble" of Grosse Pointe and don't know what's outside of the beautiful suburbs.  There are so many families that live in poverty and would feel so lucky and amazed if they were to come to Grosse Pointe and see what every family has.  Many children in America don't have a mother or a father to care for them and are alone and abandoned, while many of us have parents and grandparents who spoil us with love and their money.  Over the last nine months I have stepped outside my comfort zone and seen what it's like firsthand to live without love and money.  It's depressing and something that many of us can't wrap our brains around, so we shouldn't take what we have been provided with for granted.  Although this project had it's ups and downs, it has taught me so much on what it's like outside the borders of Grosse Pointe.  I may not have succeeded with my project, but it has taught me so many life lessons that I never would have been able to receive had we not been exposed to 20 Time.

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