Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post 5

Unfortunately, in the past month I haven't made any progress with my project.  I've come up with plans of what I need to do, but I unfortunately don't think this project is going to workout.  I'm not sure how I would raise the amount that it would cost for a plane ticket, and I talked to someone working on a project similar to mine, and she said hers is around $6,000.  Working with kids is still a strong passion of mine so I've come up with a few other ideas I could do that wouldn't be super expensive.

Over break, I was babysitting for a family who adopted their two children and was asking if they knew good programs to travel through for my project.  I was telling the mother that I wasn't sure if my project would workout, and she gave me a great idea: I should go to local orphanages and hold babies that don't get held and play with the kids.  I could go every few weeks and develop relationships with children that feel neglected and like no one cares for them.

I was really looking forward to taking an exotic trip to Guatemala to work with children, but I don't have a way to raise that amount of money for a trip like that.  With my new project idea, it won't require me to raise a crazy amount of money, but I'll still be able to pursue my passion and work with children.

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